Scholarship programs have a phenomenal impact on improving the participation of individuals from varied social economic backgrounds. In the education sector especially scholarships can give students the financial bump that is needed to take leap and enroll in a degree as well as boost to develop confidence and then ability to work towards a better future.

The mission of Doaba College is to promote learning to the students and to achieve excellence in education. To achieve this aim the college is providing various scholarships to the mediocre and meritorious students. Various NGOs and charitable institutes have joined hands with the college for the betterment of unprivileged students.

The list of scholarships

The following is the list of scholarships offered by various charitable institutes and NGOs associated with the college.

  • LalaBindrabanSondhi scholarship scheme, New Delhi.
  • Scholarships by ManavSehyog society, Jalandhar.
  • Scholarships by Guru Harkrishan educational society, Chandigarh.
  • Scholarships from Lions club, Jalandhar.
  • Shiv Chand Gupta scholarship, Singapore.
  • Saraswati education, scholarship, Jalandhar.
  • Scholarships from Sahara samiti, Jalandhar.
  • Scholarships from Shining Star education society, Jalandhar.
  • Scholarships from Rotaract club, Jalandhar.
  • Scholarships from Dastak welfare Council, Jalandhar.

Teacher in charge for the above scholarships is Prof GarimaChodha.

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