dr naresh dhiman

Dear Students,

I heartily welcome you to the portals of Doaba College Jalandhar, majestically adorned by UGC with College with Potential for Excellence status. The College has completed 78 years in the realm of imparting higher education and is celebrating its Platinum Jubilee.In current fast changing global scenario the traditional methods of delivering information are increasingly being superseded with digital technology. Doaba college has taken a lead in Jalandhar by successfully setting up Community Radio Raabta under the aegis of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting , Government of India.

The young students are distilled and oriented to think logically and analytically so that in the emerging cultural changes and challenges arising from globalization they may march towards their goals with focused vision. There is a mellow rapport between the teachers and the students. This cordiality and loving relationship make the teaching very efficacious. Students are the real wealth of a nation. They are the potential human resources for national development. Only well groomed and nicely nurtured students with the dexterity of hand, head and heart can be fine human beings

Recently, Doaba College has been conferred with Life Sciences Star College Status by DBT .Government of India which will provide new impetus to science education and create brilliant opportunities to the students of the region.

Here in Doaba College we make our sincere efforts to achieve twin objectives of education learning for living and learning for livelihood. We have a fine blend of traditional and latest professional courses related to Journalism & Mass Communication, Computer Science & Information Technology, Tourism & Hotel Management, Biotechnology, Commerce & Business Management and Education sector etc. Doaba College does not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, colour ethnicity, disability gender, religion, nationality and belief. It is an all-inclusive, empowering and sustainable institution with stimulating, supporting, and transparent environment which exists not only in class-rooms & labs but throughout in every service. The unparalleled achievements of our various alumni are a tribute to the high standards of this institution.

Life of a student has become conscientious because of stiff competition-but here in this campus you will find holistic development of your personality so as to prepare you to handle the academic rigours in your personal as well as intra-personal life.

Doaba College epitomizes and recognizes such a need and promises to fulfill this goal by equipping its students with a potential to excel in all the walks of life. As the stream of talents flows from this College to the world, join us to create and discover a new world.

Dr Naresh Kumar Dhiman