Educational Trips

S.No. Activity / Title Key Features Dates
1. Visit to IHBT, Palampur PTC, Genomics, Mol Bio, Biochem, Food & Neutraceutical, Chem, Material Science, Nanotech labs 30th-31st Oct 2012
2. Educational Trip at CSIR-CSIO, Chandigarh Mechatronics lab, Dye & mold making lab Bimolecular electronics & Nanotechnology lab 26th Sept 2013
3. Educational Trip at CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh EM Lab, MTCC, Pilot scale Fermentation unit, Animal house, The Bioinformatics Centre (BIC), G.M Ramachandran Protein Science Centre, Cryopreservation Unit 26th Sept 2013
4. Excursions @ National Institute of renewable energy (NIRE), Kapurthala Microbiology, Bioprocess, analytical, Biodiesel, Hydroprocessing lab, Sophisticated labs, Algae culture room, Microalgal photobioreactor 04th March 2015
5. Excursions @ Puspha Gujral Science city, Kapurthala Space units, Zoological time scale, Bernauli theorm demostration 04th March 2015
6. Excursions @ Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU), Amritsar Biotechnology, Zoology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Centre for Emerging Life Sciences 22nd March 2016