S.No Activity Title Resource Person Dates
1. Invited talk The story of Organic evolution Dr. Anish Dua, Prof, Zoology, GNDU, Asr 26th Sep 2012
2. Hands on training Medical Zoology techniques SK Clinical lab, Jalandhar 27th -28th Jan 2013
3. Invited Talk Stem Cells- What do we need to know Dr. Sanjeev Puri, Co-ordinator, Stem Cells & Tissue Engineering, Panjab University, Chandigarh 07th Mar, 2014
4. Workshop PCR and its applications Dr. PK Sehajpal, Prof, Dept. of Mol Bio & Biochem, GNDU, Amritsar 28th Feb 2015
5. Invited talk cum workshop System biology of learning and memory: A graph theoretical approach DR. Rahul Badhwar, SRF, IIT, Jodhpur 21st Mar, 2016
6. Out house training Medical Lab techniques M/S Verma Clinical Lab, Jalandhar 11th April 2016