S.No Activity Title Resource Person Dates
1. Invited talk Global climate change & green business Dr. NS Atri, Prof & HoD, Botany, PU, Patiala 30th Jan 2013
2. Invited Talk cum Workshop Vermicomposting Dr. Raghavendra Swami, HoD, MBA,GRD Institute of Management & Technology, Dehradun, UK & Sh. Anwar Shafiq, Chairman of Divine Knowledge Academy 21st Sept 2013
3. Invited Talk Applications of Genetic Engineering in Crop Improvement Dr. Prabhjeet Singh, Prof & HoD, Biotech, GNDU, Asr 7th Nov 2014
4. Workshop PTC and its Applications Dr. PK Patti, Associate Prof , Biotech, GNDU, Asr 21stMar 2015
5. Invited talk cum Workshop Assessment of Photosynthesis using IRGA Dr. Renu Bhardwaj, Prof, Botany, GNDU, Asr 31st Oct 2015
6. Invited talk cum Workshop Mushroom Cultivation and its relevance to Society Dr. NS Atri, Prof, Botany, Punjabi University, Patiala 19th Mar, 2016
7. Field activity Maintenance of Botanical garden, Herbal Unit, Vermicompost Unit Ms. Prabhjyoti, Lect., Bot, DC, Jal 2015-16