Doaba College Jalandhar is committed to serve the society with Primary Objective of education. In addition, Doaba College provides the ECS (External Consultancy Service) to various business houses and other institutions who face problems and find themselves hard to tackle them.

Teachers and students of the college unite together to help problem facing institutions and business houses to diagnose and solve the problems. It is a win-win approach for the students (to have practical experience), teachers (to have practical approach to their knowledge) and to the suffering business houses (to find Doaba College ECS Team as a reliable external consultant).

It is not done for any profit motive by the college rather it is another mode of learning and experiencing by boldly facing the real challenges. If any business house, big or small, has any problem or simply needs to seek consultation from Doaba College ECS team, please feel free to contact us.

Doaba College ECS TEAM loves to handle consultations for various facets; please feel free to contact Principal Dr. Naresh Dhiman for consultancy in following areas:.

  1. Online Advertising:
  2. Information Technology:
  3. News & Media:
  4. Income Tax:
  5. Strategic Management:
  6. Catering and Hotel Management:
  7. Tourism Management:
  8. Any Other:


Disclaimer: Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information on this website, the possibility of some errors and mistakes cannot be ruled out. Visitors to the site are requested to cross check the information with the college authorities. The college would not be responsible for any data inaccuracy or delay in the updation of the data, on the website. For the detailed syllabus please visit Guru Nanak Dev University's website . The academic system is subject to change as per the notification from the university. Principal Dr. NARESH KUMAR DHIMAN All Rights Reserved. -2018 ~ Doaba College, Jalandhar
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